Sometimes you just have to take a chance.

He stood there nervously in the awe-inspiring corridors of Blackbird Studio, his self-recorded demo in hand. But the story of Meadows Fortune began many years before that sunny summer day in Nashville, Tennessee.

Twenty-three years earlier, Jeffery Todd first sat behind the black and white keys of a piano, its enormous frame overpowering his small stature. Little did he know that music would eventually take on such an important role in his adult life. While his piano lessons occasionally interfered with the desires of childhood, his mother encouraged him to persevere, saying that “one day he would be glad he did.” She was right.

Fast forward to today and Meadows Fortune has become something Jeff never could have imagined during his early days growing up in Bloomington, Indiana. Fresh off the release of his second album, the acoustic EP Hope, Imagination, Love and a 2013 selection as Rock Entertainer of the Year at the International Music and Entertainment Association Awards, Jeff is constantly pushing forward in his career. From studying in the inaugural class of The Blackbird Academy to collaborating with Nashville’s best session musicians and producers, every step is progress toward one goal: to continually make music that tells an honest story and connects with his fans.

Sometimes you really do just have to take a chance.

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